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Visit Questions

Can I pay with credit card, Sterling pound, Euro, US dollar or Egyptian pounds?
Yes you can. I recommend that visitors make payments in either USD or Euros in cash to avoid the higher exchange rates associated with the local currency. When using credit cards, the transaction will be processed in the local currency and will be higher than the normal rate. If you choose to pay by credit card, I suggest booking through our official Trip Advisor page or Viator, where the cost is cheaper. Our official account is listed as 'Official Account Hurghada Grand Aquarium Entrance Ticket' with the associated number 01116181117. This ensures authenticity, as there are several unauthorized individual travel agencies selling tickets on Trip Advisor.
Is it necessary to make a reservation in advance, or should I book through a travel agency to visit?
No, you don't need to make a reservation. Tickets can be purchased at the aquarium entrance at any time, and you can visit on your own without the need for a travel agency
Do you have any DISCOUNT OFFER during this time?
No. At the moment we have no special offers. For future discount offer it will be shown in the 'Ticket prices' page.
What are the opening hours and last entry time?
The aquarium is open every day, 7 days a week, without any day off, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The last entry is permitted at 6:00 PM. Please note that we remain open during public holidays
Is there specific time to visit the aquarium or I can come anytime?
There is no specific time to visit the aquarium you can come anytime during opening hours.
Is there any public transportation to go to aquarium
Yes, public buses, uber, careem, local taxi are available just right in front of the aquarium
How long does it take the whole tour inside the aquarium?
There are no limits during your visit, you can stay as long as you want to stay but the estimated time inside is about 1-2 hours.
Can I come anytime during opening hours?
Yes you can come anytime and buy the ticket at the entrance..
Do you provide pick up from hotel?
No. We do not provide transportation.
Do you have discount for foreign student in Egypt or for local students?
Foreign student in Egypt pay as resident not as Egyptian. You must provide proof of residency ( Residence ID ) that you lived in Egypt. For local student we do not offer discount individually. If you are in a field trip along with your groups of school management, we do have special rates and the group minimum at least 25+ person.
Are dogs allowed to enter the aquarium?
No, pet are not allowed inside the facilty.

Tours Information

What is included in the ticket?
Ticket includes entry to aquarium,zoo,rain forest,rope bridge, shark feeding show and wadi al hitan museum.
Do you have parking available?
Yes, it is a free parking for aquarium visitors.
Is the aquarium suitable for all ages?
Yes, It is suitable for the whole family.
What is the schedule for shark feeding?
Shark feedng schedule are 2 times per day 11:00 am to 12:00 pm and 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Please be informed that the shark feeding schedule may change without prior notice. You may always check timings in the home page of the website for any changes.
Is it a guided tour?
No.It is a tour on your own.
Can I take pictures with my phone? Is it allowed to bring professional camera inside?
You can take pictures with your phone, but aquarium fishes, however, are very sensitive to the lighting conditions in their environment. Using camera flash is not allowed, All camera used by our photographer onsite are with flash defuser. Professional camera without flash defuser is not allowed to use or bring inside the facility. For professional camera applicable fees applied. Please go to our photographer office for charges information .
How much is the ticket price?
To view prices please go to 'Ticket Prices' page of this website. Prices are in 3 categories Egyptian, Foreign resident and non Egyptian.
Do you have wheelchair available? Or do you have chairs around where old people can rest?
Wheelchair is not available, but there are benches at corners all over the facilty, where old people can rest and seat for a rest.
I am a foreign married to an Egyptian, how much do I have to pay?
It is required that you provide copy of the official marriage certificate to pay as Egyptian. Only official document is acceptable.'URFI' is NOT recognized as official document.
Do you have special offer for people with disability?
Yes. A 50% discount. You must provide disability ID for the person.
Wgere is Hurghada Grand Aquarium?
Aquarium is located opposite between Mercure and Rixos hotels in the Magawish village road Hurghada

Additional General Questions

Do you provide intermediary interpreter guides for people with hard-hearing or mute?
No, there are no availabe tour guides or intermediary interpreter for people with hard-hearing or mute.
If I have a luggage, is there a place to keep it until I finish my tour inside?
Yes, you can leave your luggage in the aquarium reception, alongside the security. Please do not forget to lock your bags.
Does the Aquarium offer a military discount?
Yes. A 10% discount for active military members and their adult family members. This offer is available direct without reservation.( Must show ID in cashier window ).
Is there a restaurant inside?
No. But there are cafeterias inside that you can buy drink or snack.
Where I can Buy the ticket?
Only at the aquarium entrance.
Can I bring food or drink to aquarium?

Events & Notices

Can I have a special event here?
Yes. Learn more about our private event space options. Please call us (0020)111-618-1117
Can I have a birthday party here?
Yes. You can send us an aemail to or call us (0020)111-618-1117
Can I make photo session for wedding in aquarium?
Learn more about our space options. Please call us (0020)111-618-1117
Does the Aquarium have a lost and found?
If you lost an item during your visit, please inquire at the security desk before you leave. If you discovered after leaving the facilty that you lost something please call (0020)111-618-1117. Please take note that we are not responsible for any lost or damages.
Where may I smoke?
For the safety of our guests as well as the animals.There is restricted NO SMOKING inside the facility. Please check the signage that are available for smoking area outdoor.

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