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Hurghada Grand Aquarium

The Hurghada Grand Aquarium (Red Sea In Glass) is a public aquarium in Hurghada Red Sea, Egypt. It houses more than 1200 animals, representing 100 species, all of which reside in almost a million US gallons (3,500 m3) of marine and fresh water, and one of the largest aquariums when it opened earlier in 2015. Three owner’s are inspired to build a great aquarium for Hurghada; their subsequent EGP 360 million pounds expenses they provided to build and stock the new facility. The Aquarium’s notable specimens include: Sandbar shark, Tiger shark, Nurse shark, Stingrays, Green sea turtle, Shovel nose guitar shark, Eagle rays, Blacktip shark and much more...

Displayed In 24 Different Galleries

The aquarium’s animals are displayed in 24 different galleries. All exhibit displays both salt and freshwater species. The other section of the aquarium, is our mini zoo featuring rescued animals from all over regions in Egypt. The Ocean tank contains 475,000 gallons (1,800 m3) of water and displayed several hundred of fishes. All exhibit is designed to feature the life of the Red Sea's reef system, and we encourage everyone to get involve of protecting the ocean aroud us. The aquarium’s conservation and environmental mission is just as important as its status as an attraction. Long before opening, the aquarium was already decided to help save endangered species through education and research programs and to collaborate with the universities all around the country

Who We Are

In June 2009 Magdy Faik Abdul-Latif, Ali Abdel-Razek Abdel-Moneim and Mohamed Ahmed Taha announced their vision of presenting Red Sea In Glass with an aquarium that would encourage both education and economic growth. Coordination contributions of the owners reached totaling an EGP 360 million pounds allowed the Aquarium to open. The Aquarium’s founding chairmen is largely credited with the creation of the aquarium, from the design of the structure to the procurement of animals for the exhibits.The Aquarium is in Km 12 Safaga road, Hurghada on land bought by the three owners, and near the Magawish Village resort. Its exterior is meant to evoke a wide area. One of the largest when it opened in January 2015, the Aquarium encompasses more than 40,000 square meters (9.8 + acres) of covered space; its tanks holds 1,000.000 US gallons (3,500 m3) of fresh and salt water. After 48 months of construction the Aquarium opened on January 23, 2015. The non-profit Aquarium’s admission charges are not the highest in Egypt. The attendance far exceeded expectations, with thousands visitors in the first day.

Who's Behind

Magdy Abdel Latif

Owner of Hurghada Grand Aquarium

Ali Abdel Razek

Owner of Hurghada Grand Aquarium

Mohamed Taha

Owner of Hurghada Grand Aquarium

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Our mission is to offer visitors unrivaled savings at a selection of hand-picked luxurious attraction.